Eternal Dark Grey Wash 30ml

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 Eternal Inks Greywash Dark frá Eternal Tattoo Ink Supplies er úr safni meira en 100 lita frá einum þekktasta húðflúr-blek framleiðanda í heimi

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Eternal Greywash Dark Tattoo Ink. The colour Greywash Dark was developed by Terry Welker from Eternal Ink in America who has more than 30 years experience within the tattooing industry.
Eternal Ink is now one of the most recognised and used tattoo inks throughout the tattooing world with over 100 bright tattoo ink colours. These inks are a must for any tattoo artist and will be a valued addition to your shop supplies.

Eternal Inks have passed the tests described in EU Resolution ResAP(2008)1 which ensures tattoo studios are using inks of the highest possible standards providing a high level of safety and minimum health risk for consumers. Eternal Inks Greywash Dark has been tested by CTL? GmbH Bielefeld Germany who have been conducting tests on Tattooing Colours and Permanent Make Up for the last decade and their issued certificates are recognised all over the world.

Eternal Inks are dedicated to producing the safest tattoo inks within the tattoo industry. This Greywash Dark Ink has been sterilised using gamma ray sterilisation which kills bacteria.

The Eternal label contains all the legal information for the Greywash Dark colour according to the European regulations. blek frá Eternal (30ml / 1oz)

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