Dynamic White 1oz 30ml

2.990,00 ISK

Dynamic White er hluti af Dynamic blek fjölskyldunni frá Technical Tattoo Supplies í USA. Hann er sérhannaður til að tryggja sterka og þétta  liti á húðinni. Þetta er vinsælt merki alstaðar í heiminum, sérstaklega þar sem unnið er með black and grey tattoo hannanir. Þessi litur helst bjartur og hreinn mikið lengur en hvítir litir frá mörgum öðrum framleiðendum.

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This is a fantastic white tattoo ink option, providing you with a popular favourite among a wide variety of tattoo artists around the world. This is part of a range that was developed specifically to provide a more intense and vibrant shade of white to work with, regardless of whether this was to create white tattoo designs, or to offer highlights in other tattoo designs, where it has found particular popularity among black and grey tattoos. Unlike some of the other white inks on the market that heal a sickly cream or dirty grey this really does heal white, and it retains the vibrancy of the colour for considerably longer than many of the alternatives. This is of course part of the dynamic inks range produced by Technical Tattoo Supplies, specifically for the purpose of providing new, bolder and more vibrant colour on the skin than ever before, and this is certainly something that they have accomplished. This is not just a fantastic colour, but a fantastic ink, available in either 1oz or 8oz bottles you are sure to get the right amount for your particular needs, and this ink offers the ideal consistency, pushing into the skin smoothly and easily while providing an ink that retains the fantastic white, ideal for both white tattoos and white colouring in a variety of other tattoos.