Panthera Dark Sumy REACH 150ml

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Gæða blek frá Panthera. REACH Evrópu staðlað 150ml / 5 oz.

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Panthera Dark Sumy is a special pigment formulation specially developed for mixing. Dark Sumy is used for bolder shades and is darker than Panthera Light Sumy.

Panthera Ink’s technicians have eliminated isopropyl alcohol as an ingredient and brought it in line with the new REACH regulation. This results in a product that is less irritating to the skin, significantly reduces redness, reduces burning for the customer and cuts healing time by up to half.

Key features:

  • sterilised by irradiation
  • without carcinogenic substances
  • vegan and free of animal testing
  • microbiologically analysed for every single LOT
  • made in Italy

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